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My fiction and poetry titles are written under the pen name V.P. Guaglione.  These works contain elements of the paranormal and metaphysical, and are loosely based on some real life, personal experiences.  

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In The Dark Recesses...
In The Dark Recesses



What goes through the mind when we lay awake in the dead of night? What do we see when we stare into the darkness? What do think of? What do we feel deep in our soul? Is the mind playing tricks on us as we drift off into the world of sleep, or is it subtly reminding us of what's really locked inside, and what is pushing to the surface. "In The Dark Recesses..." is a compilation of short prose and poetry that highlights how the mind, both consciously and subconsciously, can work against us, and can sabotage our best efforts to achieve inner peace. Fears, terrors, and nightmares - all playing a part in our restlessness, and casting doubt on what we perceive as real. In the dead of night, and in the dark recesses of the mind, is where misery calls home.


What others are saying:


"This is sobering, unsettling content with great risk but also great reward having faced it with an open mind! A pleasure to read!"

Eva short suspense fiction


In the hour before eagerly starting a new chapter in his life, Mark Kinney’s perspective was abruptly altered forever. In the wake of the tragic and untimely passing of his fiancée, he struggles to cope with both his loss and an impending moral dilemma, while a dark presence casts a sinister shadow over his town. When he is confronted with the realization that he is a conduit for the evil that has been brought forth, his search for answers and a resolution begins. As he is drawn down into the depths of his own misery, he comes face to face with what lurks within, and recognizes that he alone must stop the horrific chain of events before time runs out.


What others are saying:


"A powerfully written story full of tension and gut-wrenching emotion that made me cry at times. It took a while to let go of."


Chasing Angels short suspense fiction
Chasing Angels


Reese Kessler is a man plagued by both his reality and his dreams. He plods his way through a life less than desirable but feels powerless to change it. When he begins experiencing dreams that he perceives to be an extension of reality, he wonders if there is some hidden meaning buried deep inside each. As his dreams become more vivid, a portion of each bleeds through into his reality causing him to question himself, his mental state, and his life. As he loses his grip on reality, he travels to the place where he believes everything will be revealed to him, and he will find the answers he so desperately seeks.


What others are saying:


"Once you start reading you won't want to put it down."

"By juxtaposing the mundane with the surreal, the surreal becomes eerily believable."

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