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This is the place where you can find selected new material, snippets, stories, and essays that I'm showcasing to readers.  Feedback on any of this material is always welcomed so please use the Contact form or use social media to provide feedback if you are inclined. I welcome all comments and suggestions!



In addition to prose, I occasionally try my hand at poetry.  This is a new piece, unedited and unpublished, that I'm sharing with readers.  It's a very different piece than anything I've ever published so I am hoping to receive feedback.  If you'd care to send comments about this work, please use the Contact form to message me.  The poem is titled, "Touch."


A delicate softness enveloped within me

Wrapped in a warm and gentle embrace

A moment of peace and tranquility

A pale, heavenly glow on her face


Warm lips seek out soft places under moonlight

With a sigh and a quiver, she melts before my eyes

Fingers in her hair, I pull her body towards mine

My heart on fire, my soul alive


Her hands seek out my form

And trace me in the darkness of the night

A touch that brings shivers to my skin

A touch that has never felt more right


We draw each other in

Beneath the gentleness of the moment


We pull each other close

As we lose ourselves in the touch


We drink each other in

As the magic is laid before us


We feel it deep within

As we dance to the beat of our hearts


A melding unlike any other

Felt deep within my soul

From just a touch, just her touch

Imprinted forever, to have and hold


copyright © 2015 Vincent P. Guaglione


The Narratives:  Keeping The Soul Alive


This is the complete eBook that is published on Amazon, in PDF format.  I'm permanently giving this work away free for those who visit and download the book from the website.


If you do download a copy, I would appreciate a star rating and review on Goodreads!  

Fingerprints Of Evil


This piece was originally published in The Narratives III:  Fanning The Flames.   It has gotten some great reviews so I've included it in In The Dark Recesses....  It does a beautiful job setting the tone and mood for the work.


This piece was published in The Narratives:  Evolution and is a microcosm of the core of the type of writing that I do.  Most individual essays in each of my Narratives works are of a similar theme.


The First 42 Years Were Easy


This piece was originally published in The Narratives:  Keeping The Soul Alive but it's been reworked and modified to fit with the theme I've created for the In The Dark Recesses... dark poetry/prose collection.  But you can check out the original here.


The Dark




This piece was origianlly published in the In The Dark Recesses... dark poetry/prose collection.  I'd love to know your thoughts so feel free to use the Contact form to message me feedback.

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