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Why Are You Still Single?
An Average Joe's Take On What's Really Going On In The Dating Pool And What You Can Do To Stay Afloat

ASIN: B085F474BT


ISBN-10: 8612505396

ISBN-13: 979-8612505396

“I am so over dating.”
As singles, we may have heard this statement echoed many times within our immediate dating community. Friends have stated it. Many in our social networks have stated it. Even we may have stated it at one time or another. So many singles have reached such a level of frustration with dating that is has caused them to throw up their hands in defeat. But are they honestly over it? Not exactly.
When posing the question, “Why are you still single?” to those who are actively searching for their special someone, you will likely hear replies such as:
“I’m too old.”
“I’m too intimidating.”
“I have trust issues.”
“No one will date me.”
“I want someone who’ll match my time and effort.”
“I haven’t found a serious and decent guy who wants more than a hookup.”
“Women don’t appreciate good men.”
 “Something out of my control prevents things from going further.”
“I haven’t met a guy who’s character I can trust.”
“I held onto someone for years hoping they would change.”
“I don’t trust myself to make good decisions.”
Although in recent years, dating has seemingly become an exercise in futility, and outside factors beyond our control play a part in the lack of success we experience as singles, the truth is, we as individuals have made it much harder on ourselves, if not more so, than the dating world has on us.
But there are things you can do to making your personal dating life a more pleasurable, enjoyable, and ultimately, successful endeavor.
In the first part of this book, Vince Guaglione take a deep dive into the issues that plague today’s dating world, how those issues affect the entire dating community, and how they have created an environment that has resulted in dating being held in such low regard by those who are currently immersed in it. 
The second part of the book offers up helpful advice, tips, and strategies for navigating the current dating environment, and provides guidance on how to make effective and efficient use of your dating time and effort while providing some concrete concepts to implement to set yourself up for dating success.
If you’re single and are trying to make sense of the dating world, you will find something of value within these pages. It’s a guide that will provide insight into what’s really going on today’s dating pool, and will aid you in creating a solid plan for remaining afloat.
Confessions of  middle-aged short guy with no gam
Confessions of a Middle-Aged Short Guy With No Game
An Average Joe's Observations from the Deep End of the Dating Pool



ISBN-10: 1722343613

ISBN-13: 978-1722343613

Dating in 2018 is difficult for many singles, but if you’re a short, average looking middle-aged guy with no real game, it’s even harder to get the attention of single women.

The average Joe is considered to be vanilla, or bland, and doesn’t stand out in a crowd. He doesn’t have any outwardly discerning high-value qualities, and that makes it difficult for him to thrive in a competitive dating world; one where his opportunities are sometimes limited.

It’s difficult for average guys to figure out why they aren’t having the success they desire, but when taking that hard look in the mirror, they can’t help give more than a passing thought to what they have always suspected to be the truth: 

“It has to be me.” 

If you’ve ever heard a woman say: 

“I’m sorry but I don’t date anyone shorter than me.”

“I need a really strong guy. I mean, you’re not jerk and all, and that’s a good thing, but…”

“You aren’t the type of guy I’d normally go out with.”

“You’re such a nice guy but I think we’d be better as friends.”

then this is a must read.

As men, we are not expected to feel or show emotion, especially when it comes to dating and handling rejection. But deep inside, we worry just as much as women about how we are perceived. After repeated rejections, our emotions overwhelm us. We feel upset, hurt, frustrated, dejected, helpless, and have many times asked ourselves silently, “Is it really me?” 

It most certainly is. 

But there is hope.

In this book, Vince Guaglione authentically shares his less-than-optimal, real-world dating experiences as a short, average-looking guy with no real game, goes on a fact-finding mission to learn what qualities truly matter to single women, and investigates both the social aspects of the singles world and the dynamics between the sexes, in an effort to learn what they reveal about dating as a whole. 

It’s a book that empathizes with the plight of the average Joe. It lends an ear, provides support, offers encouragement, and dispenses concrete advice. But most of all, it gives this problem context for guys who have always suspected that their height, looks, and lack of game, has negatively impacted their dating lives. 

Written primarily for the average Joe who struggles to attract dates, it also is relevant for those who are interested in understanding the real issues faced by these guys while navigating the sometimes turbulent and unchartered waters of the dating pool.
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