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International Authors Day (July 14-18)

Welcome to the international authors day blog hop! This event is hosted by Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay ( and runs from July 14th through July 18th. Please check out all the great authors who are participating in this hop. They are offering lots of free material to those who visit their websites/blogs during the event so certainly check them out at the links below.

I have a few items that I am giving away for free right here on my website, so please visit my Freebies page to check those out, and visit my Books page to receive a free copy of my first published work, The Narratives: Keeping The Soul Alive. I hope you enjoy what you read!

Some of my favorite authors are indie authors, so these types of events provide wonderful opportunities to gain exposure to some great unknown authors who deserve accolades for their work. I encourage you to check them out!

Thanks to all the authors who are participating in this event!

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